Warranty Periods

There are 6 or 12-months warranty periods applied to INGCO electric tools.

The warranty service does not apply to the following: Hand tools and set, accessories and consumption materials. Also the warranty is not applied upon several electric tools.


Warranty Terms

Throughout Ghana warranty and repairing services of INGCO are realized only in trade and authorized service centers according to the manufacturers request and standards.

To receive the warranty service the client must get in contact with seller, which will address him to the appropriate service center.

To receive the warranty service of INGCO the seller must present completely fulfilled warranty paper, cashier’s receipt, invoice or other verifying document of purchasing.

The period of warranty is considered the date after tool realization. In case of finding a factory defect the item can be changed during 3 work days. The product purchased by the client will be controlled at the service center. In case of confirming the factory defect the item will be replaced with new one.If the factory defect is detected after passing 3 days of item purchasing the item can be repaired.

If service center won’t be able to repair the item or supply it with necessary details during 30 work days the item is supposed to be replaced. Due to the other reasons if the item can’t be changed with same model the shop must replace it with same functioning and priced item. (Thisparagraph does not include the following cases)


The warranty service does not apply to the following:

*If the warranty period is over.

*If there are mechanic damages like (crack, scratch, broken pieces and other), the damages caused by thermal or chemically active materials.

*If there is a product damage which is caused by bad electrical maintenance.

*If there are damages caused by aggressiveenvironmental effects like high dampness and high temperature.

*If the problems are caused bythe foreign materialsgotten into ventilation grate of the instrument.

*If the problem is caused by incorrect preservation (rusting of metal parts and other).

*If the problems are caused by mechanical and temperature effects upon electric cables.

*If the problems are caused by overloading of instrument (which also caused damage to anchor, statorand so on)

*If the problems are caused by incorrect exploitation or breaking the tools exploitation and consumption rules.

*If the problems are caused by improper and incorrect exploitation of the instrument.

*If the problems are caused by improper exploitation of tool accessories (such as drills, cutting discs and so on);

*The warranty is not applied to the instrument which has natural depreciation (such as working out all resources,stronginternal or external pollution);

*The warranty is not appliedto theinstrument details which have natural depreciation(coil details,toothed belt, rubberpacks, packs,protecting jackets, directing rollers,pipe bearings andother parts which do not have visible defects and others);

*The warranty is not applied to the changeable accessories (chucks) and working equipment(drills, cutting discs and so on) of the instrument;

*The warranty is not appliedto instruments which had been opened or repaired into non licensed service centers or had been opened or repaired independently during the warranty period.

*The warranty is not applied to instruments upon of which there had been deleted or corrected the industrial number.

*The warranty is not applied to the blocks of accumulator which had worked out their resources totally.  


 Returning and replacing of the product

Returning or replacing the product is possible if its technical data does not respondto thetechnical data description and photograph given and shown on the website. The item returning and replacing is available during 3 work days after item purchasing. After 3 days if the similar problem reveals the item won’t be returned or replaced.

During 3 work days it’s possible the item to be changed in case of finding industrial defects. The purchased item represented by client will be controlled at the service center. In case of industrial defect confirmation the item will be replaced with new one. After 3 work days in case of finding industrial defect, the item is supposed to be repaired.

In case of returning and replacing the item the client should bring it with undamaged package and set collection. The item should not have any kind of mechanic damage or defect. Upon the item there should be remained its consuming features, parts and industrial labels. 


While purchasing of product consider the following:

Always control your order while receiving and delivering the item (with courier or into the office) whether the model and visual side are appropriate to the one placed on the website. While delivering the itemcontrol iton mechanic damage and other defect, also have a look on the set collection too.

In case of electric tool purchasing it should be connected to the power source and controlled accordingly.

In case of revealing such kind of problem the client is able to reject the delivery of the item.

Consider that when client receives and delivers the item in case of inappropriate control the company won’t return and change the item.

While delivering the itemmakesure that you were given all necessary documents by courier or manager-warrantypaper, cashier’s receipt (check), invoice or other verifying document of purchasing.  

There won’t be applied the warranty service in case of following: If the warranty paper is filled up incorrect, if there is missed somefield, or if the warranty paper is not stamped. Also, the warranty won’t be applied in case of losing or damaging the document.

It’s essential regular technical service to be done upon electric tools and techniques of INGCO. Periodicity of technic service is equal to the exploitation time of coil detail.Technical service is chargeable into service centers. It is realized according to the technical service’s existing costs. The problems which are supported by warranty terms and are revealed during technical service will be solved with client’s agreement based on the established rules.